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– Mechanical Engineering TITLE : CORRUPTION By 1)DESHMUKH CHANDRAKANT (SM-23) 2) DESHMUKH PRATHAMESH (SM-24) Under Guidance of Prof. HIRMUKHE SIR (Assistant Professor) (2014-15) 2.

INTRODUCTION  Corruption is a type of strategic action.  Two or more people undertake an exchange relation by way of a successful transfer of money or power which sidesteps legality or morality to regulate the relation.

 India is the 84th most corrupted country in the world. TYPES OF CORRUPTION  Administrative corruption  Political corruption  Grand corruption  Petty corruption  Public corruption 5 4. TYPES OF CORRUPTION 1) Administrative Corruption: Alters the implication of policies.

 Such as getting license even if he doesn’t qualify for it 6 5. TYPES OF CORRUPTION 2) Political Corruption: Influences the formulation of laws, regulation and polices.

 Such as reworking all licenses and gaining the sole right to operate the gas station monopoly 7 6.

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4) Petty Corruption: Involve a smaller sums and typically more junior officials • Petty corruption basically use in a low level business 9 TYPES OF CORRUPTION 8 To provide for the establishment of a register in order to restrict people or Example: A municipality needs to contract mechanics to service the state's vehicles..

5) Public Corruption: Public office is misused for private gain.  Such as police receive a money for personal gain and drop any criminal offence.

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SOLUTION  Lokpal Bill Implementation (Introduced since 1968).  Vigorous punishments  Anti- corruption websites.

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CONCLUSION India is a fast developing country in the world where our systems are weak.

Who is responsible for this? What action should be taken? What we must keep in mind is “ Nothing is Impossible”.

If we join our hands together there can be an end to this deep rooted evil Liz Dávid-Barrett, lead researcher of 'Corruption in Local Government: The Mounting Risks', gave this presentation at the report's launch event on 9 th October .

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