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Production of Renewable Chemicals and Energy from Waste BiomassSelf-assembly and Shear Induced Morphologies of Asymmetric Block Copolymers With Spherical DomainsRheology and Interfacial Properties of Aqueous Solutions of the Diblock Polyelectrolyte Poly (styrene -block -acrylic acid)Materials for Bio-sensors and Renewable Energy Applications: Fabrication of Mesoporous Metal Oxide Films by the 3-D Replication of Block CopolymersAlso check this: Worst Mistakes in Dissertation WritingTheoretical Analysis of Current-induced Void Dynamics in Metallic Thin FilmsPyrolysis Oils: Characterization, Stability Analysis, and Catalytic Upgrading to Fuels and ChemicalsSeparation of Carboxylic Acids From Aqueous Fraction of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oils Using Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis MembranesCatalytic Hydrogenation Reactions for the Production of Renewable Fuels from BiomassDevelopment of Plant Cell Culture Processes to Produce Natural Product Pharmaceuticals: Characterization, Analysis, and Modelling of Plant Cell AggregationFabrication of Nanostructured Metal Oxide Films with Supercritical CO2: Processing and applicationsEnhanced Mechanical Performance of Low Dielectric Constant Thin Films Synthesized in Supercritical Co2, and Sans Studies of Microemulsions Induced or Destabilized by Compressed Co2Production of Green Aromatics and Olefins from Lignocellulosic Biomass by Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis: Chemistry, Catalysis, and Process DevelopmentThe Study of Mass Transfer in Gas Shales and the Optimization of Hydraulic Stimulation Processes. Investigation of Gas Sorption and Mass Transfer in Gas ShalesProtein-Surfactant Adsorption on Solid SurfacesMicrostructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties of an Aluminum Alloy Processed by Equal-Channel Angular Pressing and High-Pressure TorsionWater Imbibition in Gas ShalesThe Purification of Contaminated Air Streams via Reactive Separation TechniquesVapour Phase Deposition of Polymers in the Presence of Low Vapour Pressure LiquidsFabrication of Silicon Carbide Sintered Supports and Silicon Carbide MembranesDeveloping Effective Mechanisms for Removing Pollutants from water: The use of Polymer-based and Polymeric Hybrid AdsorbentsBiological Denitrification using Saw Dust as the Energy SourceProtein Adsorption On Metal OxidesPolymer Processing